Basic Concepts of the Business Law in Los Angeles

When deciding to engage in a organization venture in the United States, Los Angeles is 1 of its states to be deemed. It is one of it states where there is an abrupt raise on economic condition.

What is Enterprise Law?

Company law typically known as commercial law is a body of law that governs enterprise and other commercial transactions.

Enterprise law is divided into various subjects such as:




Securities Law


Secured Transaction

Commercial papers

Income Tax

Pension and Benefit

Trust and Estates

Immigration Law

Labor Law

Employment law and bankruptcy

If you are interested in putting up a company, the following are the different enterprise structures you have to take into account.


Sole proprietorship – A organization owned and managed by a single individual. The owner is solely liable for all business debts and obligations.

Partnership – This is owned by two or more individual who agreed to contribute funds and property to engage in organization transaction. The partners are the liable people for all the company debts and obligation. But the liability of every partner depends on regardless of whether a partner is a capitalist, industrialist or limited partner.

Corporation – A enterprise entity owned by shareholders. In this type of enterprise structure, there is separate personality between the shareholder and the corporation. The shareholder can’t be held liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation.

But, when such separate personality doctrine is utilized by the corporation in fraud of its creditors, the shareholder can be held liable under the doctrine of piercing the veil of corporate entity. This indicates that the creditor can sue the shareholder if such separate personality doctrine is utilized to escape its liability from its creditors.


S Corporation – This is a unique type of corporation designed via tax election.

Limited Liability Company – A new sort of legal structure that offers a limited liability feature of a corporation and tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership.

Non-profit – This is engage in activities of public and private interest.

Cooperative – A organization organization owned and operated for the benefit of those employing its services.

Why do you want a enterprise lawyer?

If you are planning to engage in any of the diverse business structure mentioned you need the help of a competent and credible attorney.

Business lawyers are professional in different topics and aid you in any problems concerning organization transaction such as:


Business formation and organization

Business negotiation




Divestiture and sale of enterprise

Business litigation

Setting business policies

Organization mediation

Enterprise Transaction

Contract negotiation and enforcement

Drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements

Permit Application

Stock Issuance

Typical problems encountered in company?

Just like any transaction, enterprise transaction is not exempted with any issues such as:


Contract and licensing dispute

Commercial lease dispute

Employment dispute

If you want to encounter the very best legal help in putting up your business in Los Angeles, rely on the expertise of our Organization Law attorneys. Just log on to our web site and fill out our free of charge case evaluation form.

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